FF Antoh cautions Ministers against arrogance

FF Antoh

First Vice Chairman of NPP, Fredrick Fredua Antoh popularly called FF Antoh has issued a stern warning to Ministers of state against talking arrogantly to Ghanaians.

Some ministers of the state have been accused of assuming an arrogant posture in their language contrary to their humble posture during the election campaign season.

“NDC lost the election because of arrogance so if you are lucky to be appointed Minister and you are now claiming to be too busy to talk to Ghanaians you will be removed like the NDC,” he warned.

FF Antoh’s warning comes on the back the trending video of Deputy Trade Minister Robert Ahomka-Lindsey accusing Ghanaians talking down on Ghanaians from the Diaspora at the recent Diaspora Summit.

The Deputy Minister repeatedly accused the Diasporans of whining and asked them to “stop whining about what is not working in Ghana [because] we know it is not working but you don’t have to repeat it to us.”

He then said if things were not working how come the Diasporans were in Ghana to find opportunity, adding that they did not have to always demand to meet with ministers of state because the ministers were busy.

Another example was the Tourism Minister Catherine Afeku, who was heard speaking with Joy News’ Jospeh Opoku Gakpo in a way people have described as a rather arrogant.

Tourism Minister, Catherine Afeku

Gender Minister Otiko Afisah Dzaba has also come under fire for her utterances during the brawl between her and the NPP’s Northern Regional Chairman.

Gender Minister, Otiko Afisa-Djaba

According to FF Anto, Ghanaian voters usually vote such arrogant leaders out.

“Ghanaians don’t just vote, so keep on being proud and you will suffer the consequence,” he said.

Meanwhile, Communication Expert, Dr. Etsey Sikanku said some of the current Ministers are treading on the path of their predecessors who were accused of speaking arrogantly, which led to their defeat in 2016 elections.

“It has been established that Ghanaians were unhappy about the way officials in the previous administration carried themselves and spoke in public so this administration must take steps to avoid the same pitfalls.

“So far Ghanaians have had cause to complain about the communication of some officials from this administration and whether it is justifiable or not it is rather generating a discourse that is not helping policy making or development,” FF Anto lamented.

He added that public officials must be patient and cultivate a big heart to stomach some of the provocations that may come with their positions.

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