VIDEO: Abronye DC exposes ‘corrupt’ PNC leadership

Abronye Brong Ahafo Regional Youth Organizer NPP ,

The Brong Ahafo Regional Youth Organiser of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has jabbed the Chairman and Secretary of the People’s National Convention (PNC) for openly criticizing the 2016 flagbearer of the PNC for accepting an ambassadorial position in the Nana Addo government.

Dr Edward Mahama has come has come under a barrage of criticisms for accepting the position of an Ambassador-at-large without recourse to the party. An ambassador-at-large is an ambassador with special duties but not appointed to a particular country.

National Executives led by Chairman Bernard Mornah are considering a number of sanctions including expelling Dr. Edward Mahama from the party for not consulting them.

Though the failed presidential hopeful has explained that his decision to take the appointment was in the interest of the state, the PNC said it is a big insult to them.

A former flagbearer of the party, Hassan Ayariga also agreed to the meting out of sanctions to the PNC leader as according to him, he has brought the party into disrepute for accepting to be a “messenger” for President Akufo-Addo.

According to him, an experience politician like Dr. Edward Mahama should not have stooped so low to accept such an errand position.

His ‘unintelligent’ decision, Hassan Ayariga said could have a ripple effect on the PNC as a political party.

“If the leader of the party becomes an errand boy, the whole party become an errand party” he bemoaned.

General Secretary of the party, Atik Muhammad also described the failure of Dr Edward Mahama to inform the party hierarchy as a ‘deliberate’ one.

These attacks on the medical doctor, Kwame Baffoe, also known as ‘Abronye DC’ speaking on Adom FM’s Morning Show, ‘Dwaso Nsem’ Wednesday said are unwarranted claiming that all of them lacks the moral right to criticize Edward Mahama.

Two of them – Bernard Mornah and Atik Muhammad – Abronye DC were given lots of ‘goodies’ during the Mahama administration.

The ‘goodies’ they enjoyed from the Mahama administration, he said, included vehicles which were given to them for their personal use.

“Some National Executives of the PNC, Atik Muhammad and Bernard Mornah were really served good meals under the NDC…Atik for instance was given five cars and Bernard Mornah even received a Nissan Hard body from Tony Lithur…did they informed the hierarchy of the PNC during that time?,” he quizzed.

He thus described the two as persons who lacked the needed integrity to even question the appointment adding that Hassan Ayariga busily campaigned for John Mahama in 2012 which is an open secret.

Abronye DC further threatened to reveal the secret deals that happened between some of the PNC leadership and the NDC if they dare criticize Dr Edward Mahama again.

Watch Abronye’s submission on the Morning Show below:

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