PFAG to Kwame Bonsu’s aid to get rape sentence overturned

Sports News of Tuesday, 11 July 2017



Kwame Bonsu12Kwame Bonsu

The newly-appointed Head of Player Relations of the Professional Footballers Association of Ghana (PFAG), Yussif Chibsah, is confident that Ghanaian footballer, Kwame Bonsu would overturn his marital rape and assault conviction when his appeal is heard today at the Gavle District Court in Sweden.

According to Chibsah, poor legal representation cost Bonsu as he was found guilty and handed a two-year jail term, and it is part of the reason why he has appealed the guilty charge and the PFAG, which has shown strong support for the young player, has advised him to change his lawyer for the appeal and has guided him on how to go about it.

Consequently, Bonsu has written to the court about his decision to change his lawyer and will be represented by a criminal defence lawyer. During the first hearing, he was represented by a state lawyer whose speciality was business law.

In an exclusive interview with the Graphic Sports, Chibsah said: “I know most of you may have read my social media pages and by following proceedings, to cut everything short he has served the court a letter that he would like to change the lawyer because he was given a state lawyer who turned out to be a business lawyer.

“However, since the case is a criminal one, he would need the services of a criminal lawyer, thus it is in his interest to ask for a change in legal representation.

“Bonsu is the only person who can write to the court to effect that change so we guided him on what to do, provided the needed support and documentation, and has served notice to the court that he would like to change his lawyer.

“The PFAG made some inquiries, investigations and a Swedish lawyer who is good in such criminal cases has been recommended, and we have already contacted him, so we are looking forward to the court accepting his plea to for the change and he will get the services of this lawyer to continue the case.

“We really hope and wish that he deserves to be set free because things don’t add up.” Chibsah also disclosed that Bonsu will be presenting fresh evidence including social media posts by his ex-wife, Marie Magnusson during that period which will show that she was with her parents when she slipped and fell.

He also advised young Ghanaian footballers to be law abiding and be very careful about the women they date when they move abroad.

“We are all adults and I cannot tell them which type of women they should date but they should be very careful. There are rules and regulations and if it’s is not working for you just walk out.”

If Bonsu’s appeal is unsuccessful, he will serve a two-year jail term, pay a $14,000 fine and be deported from the Scandinavian country upon completion of his custodial sentence. He will also not be allowed to return to the country over the next ten years unless he is pardoned.

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