PHOTOS: Planted recording devices removed from ‘galamsey’ minister’s office

Operatives of the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) have stormed the office of the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources to take away cameras and other recording gadgets which were secretly placed at the office to record his activities.

The devices were planted in a Coat of Arms of Ghana which was at the office of the Minister who has been at the forefront of the fight against illegal mining, popularly known as ‘galamsey’.

“Yes, it’s true [that BNI operatives stormed my office], you are right…the devices were planted in the Coat of Arms in my office…,” he confirmed on Adom FM’s Midday News on Monday.

John Peter Amewu who has been applauded for helping protect the environment from illegal miners said the operatives of National Security conducted a thorough search and made away with hard drives, cameras and other recording devices planted in the office to ostensibly record his day to day activities.

Investigations, he said, have commenced into the planting of the devices at his office by unknown persons.

“The National Security operatives have done a swoop to confirm that there are no secretly planted devices in my office again…they have already commenced investigations into it and have me twice already…,” he said further.

When asked if he felt safe to work at the office after the swoop to remove the recording devices, Amewu said he felt safe because all the recording devices have been removed.

“I think I am very safe…I am still working at the office because everything that is done is done in accordance with the framework of how a minister is supposed to operate…,” he said.

John Peter Amewu has been widely commended for promising to work to ensure a fight against galamsey which was destroying the country’s environment.

Secret bug in Amewu office

There were media reports that five months after the commencement of the war against galamsey, the heavily polluted Birim and other Rivers is gradually restoring itself to its normal ecological state.

Some residents residing in some farming communities along the Birim River were said to have begun drinking from the river.

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