Club administrators are bribery architects – SWAG President

Kwabena Yeboah Sports JournalistThe SWAG President has pointed fingers at club administrators for the bribery in Ghana sports

Veteran Sports journalist and President of the Sports Writers Association of Ghana (SWAG) Kwabena Yeboah has slammed club administrators for the unending canker of bribery in Ghana football, insisting they are the main architects.

The ace sports journalist has always registered his displeasure at the level of corruption and bribery that surrounds Ghana football.

“Let one single club owner or administrator tell me there is no bribery and corruption in our football. These are people we engage on daily basis who complain on the quiet but pretend everything is fine,” he told Accra base Atinka FM

Kwabena Yeboah believes the club administrators and sports administrators in general always pretend they are impeccable but are the same people who engineers the dirty work on the quiet.

“Let me also say there are a number of people in sports who pretend to be holier than the Pope.” He added

The respected president of the highly professional association has always been firm with his critical analysis of the various corrupt practices that are associated with Ghana football.

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