Bawumia’s $19bn Chinese loan will bring back galamsey- NDC man


A youth activist of the NDC, Sammy Gyamfi  is claiming that there could be a possible return of galamsey if the $19bn loan facility is agreed by the government of Ghana.

According to him the loan deal will mean a sale of Ghana’s birthright to the Chinese and its nationals who come into the country.

“Already we have Chinese who have taken over this country and sharing with us our pound of flesh so this 19bn will worsen the situation for Ghanaians. We have to careful in what we are negotiating for” he added.

Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia announced on his return from a four-day visit to China last week that Ghana has struck a deal with the Chinese government in which about $19bn could be invested into the economy through various MOUs signed.

The funding partnership with China, Dr. Bawumia explained, is not based on direct borrowing and aid model. He noted this is based on the bargaining power of the country’s natural resources such the 2.8 billion metric tonnes of iron ore deposits, 960 million metric tonnes of bauxite, 413 million metric tonnes of Manganese and not to mention Gold and Cocoa.

But the announcement of the 19 billion dollar partnership has generated some debates from a section of the public.

Speaking on Asempa Fm’s Ekosii Sen hosted by KABA, Sammy Gyamfi said though the NDC is not against loans and partnerships with China, this particular $19bn deal is a recipe for disaster in the near future.

He noted that this 19 billion dollar partnership will be an albatross on the neck of the country which on turn may be a curse on the country forever.

“I am telling you that this is an albatross and I tell you will be a curse on us if care is not taken. We will be crippled by these Chinese and life will be unbearable for us all” he opined.

The NDC Youth Activist lambasted the NPP on what he claims to be a u-turn when it comes to the issues of loans. He thinks the party lied their way into power by telling Ghanaians loans are not good.

He describes this partnership agreement led by the Veep as the NPP being caught in the web of their own propaganda.

“we in the NDC are not against borrowing but NPP made us aware in opposition that it won’t borrow in Gov’t because it is not good. But Veep Bawumia is borrowing left right center. They’ve been caught in their own web of propaganda.  This is an epitome of hypocrisy” he said.

In making mockery of the Vice President, Sammy Gyamfi named him Borrow-mia. “Bawumia is now known as borrow-mia because what he knows best is borrowing”.

He challenged the NPP and its Government to apologize to Ghanaians for deceiving it that it won’t borrow in Gov’t but that is now the order of the day.

Sammy Gyamfi called on the Okyehene and other environmentalists to help halt this “albatross $19bn Chinese loan” because it will signal a return of the halted galamsey menace.



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