Government kick starts rehabilitation of dilapidated military accommodation facilities

General News of Saturday, 1 July 2017



Nana Military GuardPresident Akufo-Addo inspecting the guard of honour

Government has voted 26 million Ghana cedis as seed money to kick start the rehabilitation of all dilapidated garrisons starting from those located at Burma Camp.

President Akufo Addo disclosed this when he addressed a Durbar with all Ranks of the Ghana Armed Forces and civilian employees held at the the Burma Hall.

The President says the current state of the accommodation facilities for Military officers is unacceptable and every effort will be made by government to renovate where possible and also build new accommodation facilities.

Revival of abandoned SSNIT Military accomodation

The President indicated that the SSNIT housing project for troops that begun under the Kufour Administration abandoned by successive governments has been revived.

He added that the finance minister is processing outstanding debts owned to contractors and work will resume on all the sites and ensure completion.

Effects of corruption on Government’s ability to solve problems facing the Military

President Akufo Addo observed that corruption, mismanagement and what he called share theft of Public finances is responsible for government’s inability to solve all the challenges that needs to be addressed for the well being of the military.

Professional Soldiers and not partisan Soldiers

The President sounded a clear warning that the country is not ready to endure partisan soldiers in the Ghana Armed Forces.

He added that the military ought to be insulated completely from partisan politics.

“The country cannot have NPP soldiers nor NDC soldiers. The country needs Ghanaian soldiers who will serve and government and the Ghanaian people with equal zeal and commitment,” the President said.

Manpower deficit in the Military

The President underscored that his government is aware of the manpower deficit of all units in the Ghanaian Army.

The President said the budgetary realignment that had to be carried out by the Finance Ministry has be completed and he is positive that new recruits will soon begin training to augment the numbers in all units.

Civilian employees

The situation with civilian employees of the Military unlike their counterparts pressing the civil service is nothing to write home about the President observed.

He said he has instructed the Finance Minister to address all pressing issues facing civilians in the Armed Forces.

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