Afri-can Health Clinic water benefit celebration

Thirst for Water and Youth Potential Van proudly presents the Afri-Can Health Clinic & Water Benefit Celebration. In the heart of the Akanteng township, in partnership with the local municipality and Chiefs, a free health screening program will be held to assess the community’s present state of wellness. The community will enjoy health talks, free give-a-ways and communal ceremonies along with a benefit concert to raise awareness for the need of greater access to clean water in Ghana.

Together, YPV and Thirst for Water, will host an outreach campaign designed to educate and empower the community through panel discussions centered on the importance of clean water, personal hygiene, healthy living and preventative care to promote quality health and well-being. Health care professionals will be available for immediate on-site personal consultations to address the most severe health risks in the community and discuss beneficial lifestyle changes.

“The efforts to address the most immediate needs of the Akanteng community begins with working toward viable water treatment solutions in the township.” says Ulric Kelly, Co-Founder, Thirst for Water,“The old African proverb sums it up best, adds Co-Founder Tera Taylor-Green, when the roots of a tree begins to decay it spreads death to its branches. Akanteng was once a well grounded tree with strong branches; however a gross violation of environmental standards has compromised their quality of life and will ultimately destroy Ghana’s promise for the future if we don’t do something to reverse the damage already done and implement revitalization plans for the people by the people.”

George Ofori, Executive Director of YPV continues, “We recognize that our environment is tied to our health; thus, one cannot isolate the two and so we deem it necessary to organize this health clinic to afford the people of Akanteng the opportunity to know their health status thereby providing practical treatment and medical advice for health care management to prevent the spread of disease and chronic illnesses throughout the community.”

The Afri-Can outreach and fundraiser campaign is designed to raise global awareness of the galamsey crisis in Ghana while raising funds for access to clean drinking water, waste management/sanitation and research in minimizing water pollution in Ghana. The existing Ghanaian media coalition, civic/social organizations and artistic community are welcome to participate and support this initiative in a united effort in the fight against galamsey in Ghana.

Cause for Entertainment is an event production consulting firm specializing in displaying the unique richness of the African & Caribbean diaspora. Combining music, dance, the full spectrum of visual arts and sports entertainment. CFE is charged with celebrating Life, Art & Culture through its awareness and fund raising brand, Thirst for Water, a platform designed to empower social organizations, philanthropists and water stakeholders in the development of state of the art grassroots campaigns to realize greater access to Clean Water across the Africa, the Caribbean and beyond.

Youth Potential Van, a pro-youth non-governmental organisation  in Ghana, which helps the youth to realise and achieve their full potential through Educational support, Sports development, Entrepreneurship skills development, Vocational Skills development, Health and Livelihood support.


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