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Startup Company introduces digital office software

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A Ghanaian startup, Logique has raised US$4.8 million from local investors to develop software that will transform how work is done in the office.

The funds were raised to build a suite of enterprise products, that would result in a shift from the use of analog tools like the whiteboard, legal pads, notebooks for visitors, to a more digital approach of getting work done.

Although the company recognises that the analog tools were still some of the best ways for businesspeople to collaborate with one another, it hopes to provide digital tools that perform similar functions that will make work easier and faster.

In an interview, both founders alluded to the fact that Logique wanted to be the smart office central hub for all these things that used to require manual labor.

“Our insight is that in companies, in the long run innovation always trumps efficiency. To increase innovation within organisations, Logique sees a big new set of potential users for their products, and as a result has brought on a new investor to help it tackle the Ghanaian market,” one of the founders, Kojo Sarpong said.

With GIG Group’s investment and partner, Mr Anthony Akorley joining the board, the company believes it gets the best of both worlds, an investment firm that understands enterprise, along with a partner who understands designers.

Mr Sarpong said he met Mr Akorley five years ago, and that he was impressed by his focus on design-led companies.

Co-founder of Logique, Mr Paul Miller said the company has plans to grow and hire like-minded entrepreneurs in Accra, Kumasi and beyond.

It will focus on hiring more designers, engineers, and some marketing people, but despite its focus on enterprise, automotive and education, he says the company is not planning on adopting a big sales force.

“A lot of people adopt clunky tools for professional use. We believe the company is well-positioned to help bigger companies to leverage technology in new and exciting ways,” he said.

Logique was founded by two young Ghanaians – Kojo and Paul – from different backgrounds. Kojo’s background has been a mixture of architecture, commercial design and Artificial Intelligence. Paul’s background is pure technology.

Interestingly, they both run and operate independent products. Kojo’s startup, Stack is focused on solving the cluster of mobile payments and loyalty. Paul’s product is SIKA, another payment platform focused heavily on cutting the red tape of B2B payments and freelancers.




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