Quarry companies in Shai Osudoku urge gov’t to halt human activities

Quarry companies in the Shai Osudoku District of the Greater Accra Region are warning of disaster if human activities close to their sites are not stopped.

The stone extractors say some real estate developers and residents have situated their residence close to their explosion sites in flagrant disregard for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules.

The EPA has directed human activities to be about 500 meters away from quarry sites and 300 meters away if it is the storage of equipment.

But the General Manager of Cedar Quarry Limited, Alexander Dagadu told Joy News Tuesday their concessions have been encroached by residents.

An estate company, Green House Estate is putting up residential facilities close to one of the major quarry sites.

“If an estate developer is close to us it will be a problem because when there is a blast there will be flying rocks that will disturb human activities,” Mr Dagadu cautioned.

The Shai Osudoku quarry site is one of the largest in the country housing about 30 companies. The cumulative stone blast at the site is estimated at 90 explosions in a week.

The rate of population growth in the community is said to be twice that of the national average. As a result, there is housing deficit and more people are being compelled to put up structures close to the quarry sites.

Mr Dagadu said they have petitioned the EPA and the Minerals Commission over the development but more structures are being put daily.

He said the managers of the Green House Estate had explained they were constructing a place for the washing of tankers. “…but it looked like an estate activity [because] they are now fencing the place.”

Mr Dagadu served notice to government and Ghanaians that quarry companies should not be held responsible if any resident is hit by a flying stone.

Meanwhile, Joy News’ Matilda Wemegah contacted the Green House Estate managers but she was told the General Manager was on a trip to China.