Bimoabas, Chokosis smoke peace pipe at last

Chokosis and Bimoabas at Bumburiga in the Chereponi district of the Northern region agreed to a ceasefire at an event organised last Sunday by the new DCE of Chereponi.

In renewed clashes last month over the right to fish in the Kempi river, some 500 people were displaced.

The two ethnic groups which have been at war for many years over this issue finally accepted to embrace peace and live in harmony.

Fighting escalated last year leading to bloodshed and last month gunshots rang through towns and villages.

But after a month of intense dialogue and compromises, the two ethnic groups decided to outdoor the outcome by showing at a public gathering that they have ended all animosities.

The gathering was held at Bumburiga and attended by the paramount Chief of Bunkpurugu and Chief of Wanchiki who was sent by paramount Chief of Chereponi, opinion leaders, regional and district political heads, district security chiefs and members of the public.

The District Chief Executive Tahiru Abdul Razak spoke about peace and pleaded with the people to eschew violence.

He said that it was better to sweat in peace than to bleed in war and urged members of the two ethnic groups to work together to sustain the peace.

Mr Tahiru thanked traditional leaders of the groups especially the paramount Chief of Bunkprugu and Chief of Wanchiki for their role in the peace process.

He revealed that the district assembly was still lobbying for relief items to help the victims who have agreed to return.

According to him, the assembly was ready to accept, welcome and assist individuals and groups whose intent is to restore peace.

He called for forgiveness and cooperation and said all must be ambassadors of peace.

The Deputy Regional Minister Solomon Boar lamented how the raging conflicts have battered their confidence at cabinet levels and leaving them almost voiceless.

He said the people cannot have development if they won’t stop fighting and stoking tensions.

He, however, commended the initiative emphasising the peace pact would be monitored.

Mr Boar pleaded with all chiefs in the Eastern Corridor of the Northern region to join hands to tackle another chieftaincy and land strife at Sayeegu between two Biomoba families.