Afoko’s Family Wants Baako ‘Roasted For Defending Naabu’ |

Family of the man accused of murdering the former Upper East Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Adams Mahama has launched scathing attack at the Editor-In-Chief of New Crusading for allegedly rising to the defense of Daniel Bugri Naabu.

The embattled Northern Regional Chairman was alleged to have stated that the current Upper East Regional Minister Rockson Bukari and Minister of Gender and Protection, Madam Otiko Afisa Djaba masterminded the death of the late NPP chairman.

But on Accra-based Peace Fm, Abdul Malik Kwaku Baako described the claims by Bugri Naabu as rubbish without any substance.

Family of Gregory Afoko however disagrees and insist Bugri Naabu be invited to answer questions of his claims to the police.

Read full text of their concerns below:


I have listened to the audio recording of Wednesday, May 17, 2017 edition of Peace FM’s Morning Show programme dubbed, ‘Kokrokoo’, hosted by Kwami Sefa-Kanyi which had Kwaku Baako take on parts of the statement read by the Ayieta Family of Sandema to which Gregory Afoko proudly belongs at its press conference on 15/5/17. I addressed the Press conference.

Of concern to Abdul Malik Kwaku Baako was the fact that the family said it was someone’s allegation that led to the arrest of Gregory Afoko.

Yes, it was someone who alleged that Gregory was part of those who allegedly poured acid on the late Adams Mahama which allegedly led to his death. It is a fact!

Those who allegedly told the police that the late Adams Mahama mentioned the names of Gregory Afoko and another person, did they provide any evidence to that effect? The answer is obviously no yet the police arrested Gregory first before commencing their investigations into the allegation.

It was based on this allegation that led to the alleged retrieval of the things Kwaku Baako mentions in his spirited but shameful defence of Bugri Naabu who has mentioned the names of Rockson Bukari, the Upper East Regional Minister, and Otiko Afisah Djaba, the Women and Gender Minister, as being deeply involved in masterminding the killing of Adams Mahama!

But for the allegation against Gregory Afoko, would the police have visited his residence to allegedly conduct any search? Investigations always follow allegation(s), so why is Bugri Naabu’s allegation not being pursued by the police to see if they would get some evidence, and the likes of Kwaku Baako want the matter to be trivialised and ignored?

An allegation has been made. What is wrong with the police following that allegation up to investigate same.

If the police had not followed up on an allegation, the Attorney-General would have had nothing to stand on to recommend the prosecution of Gregory Afoko.

Why did Kwaku Baako describe Bugri’s allegation as rubbish on the said Peace FM morning show? Has he got the competence of the police to have investigated Bugri’s allegation to conclude that same was rubbish?

What are Baako’s fears? Is he saying that because of the existence of some so-called evidence against Gregory no new evidence can be uncovered even as the trial is on-going? This is crass ignorance of our criminal procedure on the part of Kwaku Baako. He spews falsehood in such confidence!

If Mr. Baako claims he has no problem with the police inviting Bugri Naabu why the shift in his position on the issue? Why is he jumping the gun by describing Bugri’s allegation as rubbish?

So Kwaku Baako the difference is very clear. Let’s allow the police to follow Bugri’s allegation and see if they can find something which implicates the three! May be, just may be, after police investigation, the Attorney-General may find something to stand on and, like in the case of Greg Afoko, recommend their prosecution or otherwise.

The law must work equally against all.

Another issue of concern to the family is Kwaku Baako’s discussion of the alleged evidence of the Gregory matter in such detail on radio when same is yet to be tendered in court.

All that Kwaku Baako said in respect of the evidence on the prosecution docket were pure lies and nothing else! This is contemptuous of the High Court trying the matter. Kwaku Baako has shamelessly turned himself into a police investigator, an Attorney-General and the court to know that Bugri’s allegation is of no evidential value.

This attempt to prosecute the trial in the media by Kwaku Baako must condemned by all fair-minded Ghanaians.

Thank you.

Robert Atong Asekabta, Ayieta Family of Sandema