The Media Is Not Helping Gospel – Kwasi Ernest |

The Chief Executive officer of Media Excel Productions Kwasi Ernest has urged the Ghanaian media to put in much effort in supporting the Ghanaian gospel music to enable them get the needed support from corporate bodies when hosting their shows.

Speaking to Flex newspaper, Kwasi Ernest said corporate institutions shy away from sponsoring gospel programmes due to how they are being portrayed by the Ghanaian media.

To him, the media over the years have painted a dark image about the gospel genre, making people believe that, gospel musicians in Ghana are doing nothing much to attract sponsorship and this has kept corporate bodies and organizations away which in reality is affecting the gospel music industry.

He continued that, the media should not rate other music genres ahead of the gospel music but should rather help put up a good structure which will help elevate the status of gospel music just as they did for hip-life, hip-hop and other secular songs. This according to him will help attract the co-operate world into sponsoring gospel shows.

Kwasi Ernest finally tasked the media to up-lift gospel music and champion a cause to make the genre more attractive to corporate bodies to support since a musician from the gospel genre recently defeated five secular artistes to win the overall best artiste of the year in this year’s VGMAs.

He again added that, the media should forego the saying ‘GOSPEL MUSICIANS LACK PROPER BRANDING’ for many of the gospel musicians are well branded than the secular musicians and that, all they need is the help and support of the media and not to be pulling and discouraging them always.

“If these gospel musicians gain global recognition, it is not only to their advantage but the entire country. Let’s give them the platforms, chances and all the pushing there is to be given to achieve this vision.”

“Some of these co-operate bodies are ready to come on board but are scared to make that move due to how the media has portrayed it. I therefore plead on the media to work with us to push the gospel genre global,” he stated.