‘Women make better HR practitioners’

A review of the performance of men and women in Human Resource (HR) conducted by the Ghana Employers Association (GEA) has shown that women make better HR practitioners.

The Chief Executive Officer of the GEA, Mr Alex Frimpong, has, therefore, underscored the need for all stakeholders to support women in HR to maximise their potential in the field to enhance corporate and national development.

Addressing the opening session of the third Women in HR Conference in Accra yesterday, Mr Frimpong submitted that from the perspective of the GEA, women in HR were better able to promote best practices required to facilitate organisational growth such as industrial peace, inclusiveness and tolerance.

Initiated by the GEA in 2015, the conference aims to acknowledge the contribution of women in the field. The third conference is on the theme: “Women in HR; building on the best.”

It is also a platform for female HR practitioners to dialogue on issues of mutual concern, as well as on how women could better help to boost HR practice in the country.

Presentations by renowned HR practitioners at the two-day conference will focus on topics such as the changing roles of the HR executive; the skill set; personal growth and development; managing top management and board relations and image building and personal branding.


Mr Frimpong explained that the conference was underpinned by the fact that the last decade had seen a growing number of women HR practitioners and most of them were performing excellently in their roles.

“We thought we could add a bit more to it by bringing them together to dialogue, learn and give them the opportunity to sharpen each other by the success stories and related road maps to help them expand,” he said.

He, however, urged women to uphold humility in their pursuit and attainment of leadership roles in their respective organisations, as well as in their homes to leverage the needed support from stakeholders.

Personal development

 In her presentation on how to develop and climb the corporate ladder, the Managing Director and CEO of UBA-Ghana, Mrs Abiola Bawuah, urged the participants and all women to strive to attain the highest position in their career by intellectually and practically developing themselves.

She also said for women to be able to do very well at home and at their workplaces, it was necessary for them to balance all aspects of their lives to ensure that one aspect did not thrive at the expense of the other.

 “Work-life balance is more imperative for women than men. Be responsible in the roles you play at work and home by being fair to your employer, colleagues, staff, your husband, your children, your family your community and God,” she said.