My Husband Loves Everything About Me – Mercy Asiedu

Mercy Asiedu and husband

Mercy Asiedu and husband

Actress Mercy Asiedu, who recently got married to her longtime lover who happens to be the chief of Kunsu in the Ahafo Ano South District of the Ashanti Region, has disclosed that a number of ladies are seriously in love with her husband.

Mercy Asiedu stated that she is not bothered and has no objection to her husband having affairs with other ladies who fall for him.

In an interview with Delay on The Delay Show, the celebrated actress said, “This ring I’m wearing is not going to be taken off. I don’t care about who he goes out with. He can decide to sleep with all the women in the world but I’ll never leave him. I will keep this ring forever.”

She added, “I have decided to go blind and deaf in this marriage. I won’t watch and listen to what people are saying or doing. I’ll only pray to God to keep my marriage safe.”

However, Mercy Asiedu is optimistic that the bond between them will make their marriage last forever and no other lady can handle her man better than she does.

“We have fallen so much in love that nothing can separate us. Our love is unconditional. He loves everything about me and pleased with whatever I do. I have never met his type of man before,” she explained.

The popular Kumawood actress, however, disclosed that contrary to claims that the size of her breast makes her unattractive, her husband finds them irresistible.

According to her, her breast is a gift from God and hence must be adored and flaunted around, adding that her husband is overly excited about it and loves it so much.

She refuted claims that the size of the breasts makes her feel uncomfortable and added that she has never considered reducing the size.

“Why will I be bothered about the size of my breast which is a gift from God? God gave everyone what fits them person. Some have big buttocks and others have big breasts. I have big breast and I am so proud of it,” she said.