Black Emancipation Movie Set For Premiering

A revolutionary cum detective movie, Black Emancipation Movement (B.E.M) is set to premiere on July 1, 2017.

The movie which was directed by Aondomba Orya and co-produced by Kobby Kings stars award-winning and apostle, Pascal Amanfo, President of Film Directors Guild of Ghana, Richard J. A. Boateng, Nolllywood hardcore actor, Hanks Anuku and a host of popular faces such as Evan Eghan, Caleb Jerry, Kobby Kings, among many talented upcoming actors.

The movie, which is the first about the fight against mental slavery talks about Shakur Jahim ( Aondomba Orya), a revolutionary leader who is caught in the tragic web of murder of his girlfriend, Olivia Tosa (Divine Edi). The mystery surrounding the death of Olivia, who before her death possessed vital information that could clamp down on the activities of a highly organized drug syndicate, could only be unravelled by the Counter Intelligence Operations Department (C.I.O.D).

The movie will be premiered at the Global Cinemas from 6pm to 9pm on July 1, 2017