Some Pastors Can’t Marry – Badu Kobi Reveals

Emmanuel Adjei speaking at the launch.

Emmanuel Adjei speaking at the launch.

Some prominent men of God in the country cannot marry despite their religious titles, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, Founder and Leader of Glorious Waves Church International, has said.

This, he explained, is as a result of some “evil altars” against their lives.

The man of God cum philanthropist made the disclosure over the weekend at the launch of a book titled ‘Altars In Battle’ in Accra.

Emmanuel Adjei, author and publisher of the book, in an address said the book is intended to free people in life, adding that “altars are where our problems begin and where they must be solved.”

He said until one knows the root cause of a problem, looking for solution will be difficult.

Mr Adjei who is also the senior pastor and founder of Prayer Palace Ministry bought the first copy of the book for $5,000, while Prophet Badu Kobi grabbed the second for GH GH¢10,000.

Proceeds from the launch would be dedicated into the accounts of the Ayeyi Foundation to be used to economically empower street hawkers and beggars.

The 96-page book in seven chapters, written in simple language, is interlaced with the author’s personal life experience so that readers can read into his personal life and associate their situation with what he has been through.

The writer narrates how he had to sleep with a corpse in the same room and how his mother had to die because of poverty, how young men became rich in his family yet lost everything overnight; which was what the ‘family altar’ said concerning his family.

The writer builds his story around the life of biblical Gideon who was being haunted by an altar his father brought from a foreign land. Unknown to Gideon, he thought he could run away from the challenges he was facing but it took the interventions of God through an angel to reveal the source of his problem to him.

The book is an eye opener to the truth about altars and how they can be destroyed.

Chapter four deals with types of altars while chapter five explains how these altars come about – self imposed, at birth, family and ancestral.

Like a tour guide, the book takes the reader through all the rudiments of altars and how they can be overcome.

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By Jeffrey De-Graft Johnson