Randy Nunoo Fights Corruption With New Song

 Randy Nunoo 

 Randy Nunoo 

Seasoned highlife musician Randy Nunoo has resurfaced with a new hit song titled ‘Mmra Wo Town’.

According to him, the new song, yet to be released in June this year, blames Ghanaians, especially the political class, including ministers and officials, for the high level of corruption in the corridors of power.

The musician stated that he is resolute in joining the public to fight corruption through music and he believes by using music, the increasing rate of corruption will reduce.

The musician revealed that his anti-corruption song will be played in all radio stations across the country from June, urging the entire Ghanaian society to love the song because it’s very educative.

“My anti-corruption song should be embraced by all Ghanaians because it will help Ghana to fight the problem of corruption which has greatly affected the country’s image,” he told BEATWAVES.

He explained that corruption is one of the great problems hindering service deliveries in the country, and a lot of government funds have been swindled by senior government officials in the various ministries and agencies.

Randy Nunoo added that the government of Ghana has tried to fight corruption but “government is still facing a lot of challenges to control corruption because majority of the public are not aware of the negative impacts of corruption.”

Known for his unique delivery, Randy who announced his presence on the music scene with a gospel album titled ‘Menidaso’ in 1987 underscored that his new song is very educative and has good danceable beats.

Randy started singing 25 years ago when he was living with his father, who was a chief at Cape Coast. He used to play the talking drums at his father’s palace from a tender age. In 1987, Randy released his first album, ‘Menidaso Wosoro’, which became an instant hit.

In 1989, he travelled to Europe to develop his musical career, returning in 1991 to record his second album, ‘Philomena’, which was released in 1992 by Kox Record Label. In 1993, he produced another album titled ‘Experience’, and ‘Honesty’ in 1996 under his own record label, Pillar Records.

In 1997, Randy again left the shores of Ghana for Germany to record ‘Dapen Koro’, which was released by Media Cassette, a label based in Germany.

Randy Nunoo released ‘Biakoye’ in 2000 and in 2004, he came out with ‘Papa Black Man’.

Between 2006 and 2008, Randy released three albums, ‘Khaki Supporter’, ‘Ato Papa’ and ‘Numo Small Boy’.

By George Clifford Owusu