Kwaw Kese ‘Mad’ In London’s Gold-Coast Bar & Restaurant

Saturday 20th May 2017 saw one of the best gems and exports of the Ghana entertainment industry, display his singing prowess right in front of his numerous UK patrons at the Gold-Coast Bar in South Norwood London.

Grabbing his microphone, the south London venue’s ambience erupted into a night of merry-making while crooning alongside the man of the night, Kwaw Kesse. ‘Abodam’ or ‘Madness’ singing in his total element.

The occasion was to celebrate promoter Bigg Nash’s birthday. The night’s event was initially ignited by the voice of new talent, Rochelle.

As a Hip-Life veteran, Sonni Bali and his singing crew did not disappoint either, as the man about town, ‘Abodam’, as he is preferably called, stepped on to the stage to churn out beats after beats.

‘Yakubu’ was rip-roaring as far as the vocal singing and backing of the fans were concerned. And even though the microphone was a bit faulty and having a fields day, Kwaw Kese’s patience was tested as he sang through as professionally as he can.

He took the occasion’s opportunity to outdoor his latest studio work ‘Kati Boom’ which was another toastmaster akin typically to his musical trademarks.

He features music notables such as Pappy Kojo, Yaa Pono, Medikal and Ball Jay on ‘Kati Boom’ as a mastercraft.

As a man who is never shy of controversies here and there, he explained the reasons why he enacted a stunt that saw him load all his awards into one wheel barrow to sell at this year’s Vodafone-Ghana Music Awards.

Taking a swipe at the organizers of the annual Ghana Music awards, in his words: “You know to me I wanted to tell the world that, the awards nowadays do not look legit any more, they look for sale.

“Because people who do not deserve to be awarded are the ones getting the awards, so I decided to come and sell my awards to protest against the bad nature of the Ghana Music Awards.

Touching on the current state of the Ghanaian music landscape and as to the fact if he is happy with its progressive movement, he said: “Yeah at the moment, why not. Who would not be happy with the way Ghanaian music is going.

“We have come from far, where musicians were being looked down upon, I mean from the era where one would be cursed out by his family if they took music as their profession.

“But now musicians are building houses and making profession out of music while some of them are crossing boundaries and going higher heights I think I like it.”

Breaking the news of his album and the way forward as far as his music and maturity is connected, after all the brouhaha surrounding his music and personality, he explains that “I am dropping an album this year and its titled Re-born.

“I feel like I have been re-born and am experiencing a re-birth where the childish side of me is gone while picking up the responsibility to live a good life and come out with good music,so that together we can push what we have in Ghana to the world.”

Many people will go to places and decide not to fix a situation they do not like, but this is not the case with Kwaw Kese.

Seeing the inadequacies that abound in the various Ghana prisons after his brush with the law and having served his term, he set up a foundation to correct some of the anomalies that most prisons and prisoners are facing.

“Our foundation is doing great, last year we fed about 4000 inmates at the Nsawam Prisons with food, drinks and entertainment.

“And this year 2017, we went to the Pantang Mental Hospital and fed 1000 people with food, drinks, entertainment and some donations.

Mr Kwaw Kese is also inviting all others to join in the provision of his foundation and in that he said: “ I cannot do it all alone by myself, so if anybody is ready and wants to support our foundation for our next mission, our doors are opened.”

The C.EO of Excellence In Broadcasting Network, Mr Kwabena Anokye Adisi, popularly known as Bola Ray, was in London town and passed through the night’s celebrations as a way of support for Kwaw Kese and Bigg Nash.