“GH Artistes Have Been Down For Too Long. Enough of The Local Champion Tag, The Greed & Envy Among Themselves”

Where’s the love? The love our legendary musicians like Osibisa, Nana Kwame Ampadu, Akwasi Ampofo Adjei, Samuel Owusu, Aseibu Amanfi, et al. championed and pushed our Ghanaian music to the topmost level lies? Life must be lived not on the assumptions of others but on rational basis, we do compare our personal lives to others in order to make more meaningful progress.

Musically, Ghana is blessed with countless number of great talents including those in the limelight and the up and coming ones. It’s no doubt that our current crop of artistes like Sarkodie, Stonebwoy, Shatta Wale, M.Anifest, EL, Guru, others are doing equally good or better than their Nigerian counterparts, yet they’re less respected and acknowledged outside their comfort zones. Simply put, with all these creative minds, we’re still struggling to get the needed recognition outside our motherland.

Where lies the problem and how can we get there? The first thing that comes into mind is the priceless thing called ‘love‘. The love among our artistes are so rare to the extent that it’s sad for an artiste to profess she can’t recall the last time she heard from her colleague act in the same genre, (Mzvee to Kaakie). It’s high time our Ghanaian musicians drop their personal ego and do more purposeful collaborations just for the love and progress of our music industry so that the future generations won’t suffer.

Let’s all picture how good it will sound if our top artistes decides to collaborate freely every month and see how the song will cross borders. See, no matter your huge followers (SarkNation, SM, BhimNation, Manifans, Eliens, NKZ, others), you can’t do it all by yourself for unity we stand! I laugh when Sarkodie once said he’s putting GH on the map in his “Free Press” song.

Although, we have our favorite artistes we cherish so well as bloggers, but that do not deter us to blog about our unfavorite acts who’re making headlines. Therefore, Stonebwoy’s nomination to 2017 BET should have been embraced by all, but Shatta Wale has proven to give a damn to the feat.

It’s sad to see the South Africans and Nigerian acts dominating and winning all international awards festivals because they’re always having the numbers. 2017 BET nomination list came out with Nigerians securing (4) nominees and (3) for South Africans while Ghana secured just (1).

Logically, Nigerians stand the chance of winning. Therefore, our artistes in Ghana must bow down their heads in shame after all the noise, lyrical beef and claiming to be the best all the time in their songs. If you’re the best, as Sarkodie, Shatta Wale, E.L profess daily, you should stand out in the midst of your contenders in Africa.

More importantly, our artistes must take their time and compose good songs with story line and quality video production in order to make waves outside Ghana. It’s very unfortunate to see our contemporary artistes rapping about only sexual orientation or explicit contents as if they’re lyrically handicapped!

To Shatta Wale, he needs to know that music is all about quality not quantity! The fact that you’ve a studio in your bedroom doesn’t mean you are indebted to release (20) shoddy songs per month! Music has to do with timing and that’s why Osibisa, Akwasi Ampofo Adjei, others are no more yet their songs are always appealing to the ears.

Not forgetting the “industry insiders” and all the stakeholders involved laying emphasis on MUSIGA, GHAMRO, Charterhouse Ghana, Entertainment Bloggers & Critics, DJ’s, Media Houses must not be left unpardoned. The hypocrisy exhibited by these aforementioned groups or stakeholders in our music industry is draining our hardworking artistes.

We always portray their Nigerian counterparts as being the best while sleeping on our own! If Sarkodie or Shatta is to demand a higher payment for performance, he becomes an instant enemy to Charterhouse. It has been established that “bad news sells“, but can’t we also sell good news to the world as entertainment bloggers on daily basis?

Today Shatta Wale, Sarkodie, Kwaw Kesse this and that is becoming nuisance in our online media portals! I wont talk much because my heart is grown with forests which bears beasts unsafe to the world but if we sit down and watch, the future artistes will bear the incurable consequences.

By: Adu Sarpeah
[email protected]