Anas Aremeyaw Anas Recounts His Glory To His Days In Commonwealth Hall

Anas Arymiyaw Anas, the seasoned investigative journalist whose works across the globe have brought him immense worldwide recognition has recounted his days in commonwealth hall as the beginning of his success stories.

As an investigative journalist, of a culprit, she, is preoccupied with unraveling the truth to bring about the ultimate naming, shaming of culprits found culpable of the law .

Speaking at a public lecture titled “Vandalism And Democracy” at Commonwealth hall conference room among a series events lineup to mark the 60th anniversary of his alma mater(Commonwealth), he attributed his tremendous successes to his humbling moments in Commonwealth hall and that his bedrock of inspiration came from the motto of the hall “truth stands”, and when raging incidence of death threats shoulder him, he constantly draws enormous strength from the motto.

Anas bluntly unleashed his anger on so called “bookworm gurus” by saying,” I’m not in the mood to listen to those bookworm who have negative thinking about immersion journalism but their heinous priority is to constantly sabotage and relegated the truth to the background.” And according to Anas, his challenging Investigative work is yet to come out but he was quick to add that, in it, there are some 60 influential personalities whose dealing has drawn the clock of development backward and that, their continuous existence would be injurious to Ghana’s developmental efforts. We can only keep our fingers crossed for the Aljazira investigative journalist to unmask the 60th influential crooks and purged the system of such disguised criminals.

Well, he further lamented, the works of some high profile personalities, institutions and how the don’t inure to the general growth of democratic tenant of the country, especially, the untold death it has brought on the ordinary individuals as some of his undercover exposures have revealed some tragic death scenes of some vulnerable citizens.He made specific reference to Nsawam prison and the mental clinic undercover exposures and other noticeable cases.

It was also a time to relieve some glittering moments such as; his days in H19 room in Commonwealth hall and on the lighter side, he gave some blessing to Father Bacchus and curses on the individuals who halted the celebration of Commonwealth hall week.

Ananpansah Isaac
[email protected]