Bolgatanga And Bongo Assemblies Confirm Nominees

Joseph Amiyuure – MCE for Bolgatanga and Peter Ayinbisa – DCE for Bongo

Bolgatanga Municipal Assembly members have confirmed the President’s Nominee, Joseph Amiyuure for the position of Municipal Chief Executive.

He had a one touch confirmation contrary to widespread expectation that the Assembly members were going to prolong the confirmation exercise, for the retired Agriculturist, for various reasons.

He polled 49 “YES” votes out of the 53 total votes cast representing 92.45 percent. There were 4 “NO” votes against his confirmation.

Addressing the Assembly members after his confirmation, Hon. Joseph Amiyuure thanked the President for the nomination and pledged to work hard and also attract all persons wiith good intentions and plans towards the development of the Municipality and also to achieve the vision of President Nana Akufo-Addo.

Bolgatanga Municipality which was once the cleanest Municipality in the country, can no longer boast of that achievement, as dirt has almost engolfed the Municipality, aside widespread open defecation and building on water ways and indiscreminate littering.

If information gathered by the Daily Guide is anything to go by, then it can be concluded that, the new Municipal Chief Executive will work in line with the vision of the Upper East Regional Minister, Rockson Ayine Bukari to remove all Kioks planted without permit, along the various principal streets in the Municipality.

He will also make the Sanitation By-Laws of the Assembly to work, so as to get the Bolgatanga Municipality to be clean and beautiful again.

Meanwhile, the Bongo District Assembly members also gave the President’s nominee, Peter Ayinbisa on Tuesday, May 16, at Bongo in the Upper East Region. The new District Chief Executive for Bongo, Hon. Ayinbisa polled 46 “YES” votes out of 54 total votes cast, representing 85.18 percent. There however 7 “NO” votes against his confirrmation.

Hon. Ayinbisa, a former Assembly member and the Bongo Constituency Chairman of the New Patriotic Party, thanked the President for the coonfidence reposed in him and promised to champion the NPP and the President’s agenda of transforming Districts and Constituencies across the country.

The Upper East Regional Minister, Rockson Ayine Bukari commended the Assembly members of the two Assemblies for confirming their Chief Executives, saying, they have indicated ttheir readiness to develop their district.

He called on them to work together with their Chief Executives and also mobilize their electorates to also contribute to the development of their areas.

Ebo Bruce-Quansah, Bolgatanga