Model Anita Ofori Launches New Campaign

Ghanaian Super Model Anita Ofori is launching a new campaign ‘Attitudinal Change’ to help sensitize and hopefully correct some attitudes inculcated in Ghanaians that is not helping us progress but rather retrogress as a nation.

Anita Ofori, a product of the University of Ghana, Legon, is a runway and photo model who has featured in many big fashion events in Africa, Asia and Europe. She has also featured in some international commercials.

She represented Ghana in the Miss Model of the World pageant held in china- Asia, where she raised the flag of Ghana.

She also represented Ghana at the UN (United Nations) – Geneva in an international women’s day conference.

Talking about her new project ‘Attitudinal Change’, Anita Ofori told (BLOGGER NAME) in an exclusive interview, that the campaign is very necessary because there are some behaviours and attitudes Ghanaians must do away with in order to achieve the better Ghana we are all crying and praying for.

She mentioned lackadaisical attitudes, low commitment towards work, laziness, absenteeism, bribery and corruption to be the common attitudes among the Ghanaian workers which ought to be addressed. She also said that these problems exist in the various sectors of the economy from the government to the common lay man.

Authorities giving permit to people to build at inappropriate locations, fuel stations situated in crowded areas among others.

According to her, although there has been a lot of talk on the subject by prominent persons even from the incumbent Ghanaian President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo- Addo, no results have been recorded as of yet, rather the ominous and frequent call on government to change Ghana seems to be the order of the day and this runs through every sector and almost every problem. If there is filth in a particular area, we call on the government, choked gutters we call on the government, every problem the average Ghanaian will call on the government to address.

She believes the average Ghanaian shares a dual responsibility with the government in ensuring Ghana develops and becomes a better country.

Anita ofori feels that there should be strict enforcement of law in the country to help stop this problem. Ghanians must be made to trust in our legal system.

It has become a heavy burden on Anita Ofori’s heart to see changes in Ghanaians so as to move the economy forward for everyone’s betterment. Patriotism is what we need for a better Ghana.

As part of the campaign, Anita Ofori and her team will storm school campus to educate and enlighten students in the junior high, senior high schools and at the tertiary levels. They will also work relentlessly, using all forms of media to see some level of change among Ghanians.

Profile of Anita Ofori
A young and an energetic entrepreneur with a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology from the University of Ghana, Legon. First runner up in the Exquisite Face of the Universe pageant and second runner up in Face of Legon city campus pageant.

SHE represented Ghana at the Miss Model of the World pageant in China where I had the opportunity to showcase the rich culture of Ghana and learn about the beautiful cultures from around the world.

“The government and civil society are needed to offer solutions. We need to offer solutions by Ghana for Ghana and in Ghana,” Anita Ofori said to Daily View Gh’ Dan Kwasi Prince.