Sunda International donates to families of May 9 Stadium disaster

Sunda International, a Chinese company operating in Ghana, has donated several household items worth thousands of Ghana cedis to families of the Accra Stadium disaster which occurred 16 years ago on May 9, 2001.

The donation formed part of the 16th anniversary in commemoration of the May 9, 2011 Accra Stadium disaster, which claimed 127 lives of Ghanaian soccer fans.

Sunda International partnered with Mr. Herbert Mensah, founder of the ‘May 9 Remembered initiative’ and the event organisers to reach out to the surviving families of the victims of the Stadium disaster.

Speaking during the donation on Monday, Mr. Isaac Hu, Managing Director of Sunda International – Ghana, said the donation forms part of the core values of the company to serve the common people wherever it operates including Ghana.

“Our company’s core value is to provide a better price-value products and services to the common people for them to have a better life. The families affected by the stadium disaster are part of the common people we serve. We hope that our donation goes a long way to help them in the long-term.”

Mr. Hu also praised what he called a good business environment that prevails in Ghana for his company to operate effectively and efficiently.

“The government of Ghana and the traditional leaders have provided a very peaceful and good business environment to develop our business.”

“The memory of the stadium disaster sixteen (16) years ago, is important to continue to keep the peace, and we intend to move forward with Mr. Herbert Mensah in the future to support the families of these people and their memory.”

Some of the Sunda International brands donated to the surviving families included Kleesoft Dish washing soap and washing powder, Kleesoft toilet rolls, FasKit insecticide killers, as well as an unspecified amount of cash.

The ‘May 9 Remembered’ is an on-going yearly private initiative championed by businessman Herbert Mensah, who was chairman of Kumasi Asanti Kotoko at the time of the stadium disaster sixteen (16) years ago.

The initiative has been running since 2002 with the support of private sponsors to give continual material and emotional support to families of the victims of the biggest sporting tragedy in Ghana’s history.