Promiscuous ‘Atopah’ dance at Aboakyire festival

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Entertainment of Tuesday, 9 May 2017



Atopa2play videoSome dancers

The people of Effutu in the Central region over the weekend launched Atopah Dance know as Akosoa lontoba in the 2017 Aboakyire festival.

A video captured by shows some young men swinging their waist behind the young girls with some fondling their breasts.

The dance known in local parlance as ‘Akosolontoba’ i is part of the rituals to mark the Ahobaakese festival by the people of Gomoa Fetteh to remember how their ancestor Ahor liberated them from slavery.

But the people of Effutu emulated the dance and the young men and women in the town activity participated in it.

Opinion leaders in Effutu, when quizzed by Adom News, explained that the dance which is known in local parlance as “Atopah dance’ is an opportunity for both young men and women to propose to each other and is normally done after hunting of the deer.

Watch Video below: