Who owns ‘Mobile money’ – De Exit or Okyeame Kwame?

Entertainment of Friday, 5 May 2017

Source: Flex Newspaper


Mobile Money8File photo: ‘Mobile Money’

Few days after the release of Okyeame Kwame’s Mobile Money which featured Ebony, Facebook got lit as music duo the De Exit posted a video suggesting that, the producer of the song Abochi had stolen their concept for the rap doctor a month after they went to the same Abochi to produce theirs.

Well, Flex newspaper has gotten details of it and it is up to the public to figure out the truth.

De Exit Side of Story

Explaining their side of story, Daniel Tetteh a member of the group said: “After recording our song at our studio, we went to Abochi to produce it but after production, the producer refused to give us the song no matter how hard we tried in getting it. He denied us of every opportunity for it and finally told us he’s lost the data for the song. I got the song on a pen drive twice to give to him but he kept tossing our meeting day. The next thing we heard about a month and few weeks I called Abochi was that, Okyeame Kwame has done the same thing.

I told him OK’s got our content and that; the title Mobile Money was even encouraged by this same producer for us to keep as our song title. When I tried telling him to make OK aware that we wouldn’t take it likely if he releases the song, Abochi told us there’s nothing he could do because the song has already been done.

Before we knew, OK has released the song and till date our own copy is still with Abochi. After listening to OK’s, we realized his had a different beat but with our concept. I have never met nor played our song to OK but we understand this is pure robbery which we wouldn’t let slide. We have a copy of what we recorded in our studio which is already out on hitzgh.com, Ghanadwom, soundcloud and other available download sites.

Abochi’s Side

“I was at OK’s place when we produced the Mobile Money song. This was done long ago before OK suggested featuring Ebony on the song which was a nice idea, so we got her on. About a week later or two later, De Exit called to tell me they have a song which they want me to produce for them and as usual I got to their studio to get it done. Coincidentally, they had the same song title which I said it’s even a good one for their song because the song is nice but I forgot to tell them I had recorded same title song for OK until three days later when I informed them about it.

As I said this, they started thinking as I had already recorded OK I was trying to give their song to him. Just last week, I was robbed of my phone during a movie premiere and since then, they hadn’t got in touch with me; this they think I’ve done intentionally over this issue. I replaced my SIM not too long ago only to hear my junior brother say he has seen a video of De Exit claiming I have stolen their song for OK.

I didn’t refuse to give their song to them. I hadn’t really had time to do their song due to some challenges in my studio. Moreover, I lost its data and asked them to email it to me. They did but I couldn’t retrieve all the necessary files I wanted so I made them resend it through another file and this was just last week.

But before God and man, I know my heart is pure and innocent; it’s only He who can judge this. I haven’t stolen anything; OK doesn’t even know or heard of them neither have I played their song to him. The truth of the matter is the content and words of both songs aren’t the same except for the title. I haven’t given anybody’s song to anyone; I’m innocent about this.” Abochi explained.

Recording Times and Dates

De Exit recording date with Abochi was on the 13th of February 2017. OK’s project started on 3rd February 2017 on the 15th of the same month he recorded his voice for the whole song but needed a female touch and that was when Ebony on the 13th March came through with hers.