Ekow Micah blasts Blakk Rasta for associating ‘Kuchoko’ with reggae

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Entertainment of Friday, 5 May 2017

Source: Razzonline.com


BLACK RASTA EKWOWEkow Micah and Blakk Rasta

Legendary Ghanaian highlife musician, Ekow Micah has taken a tumultuous swipe at multiple award winning reggae artiste cum radio presenter;Blakk Rasta for associating ‘Kuchoko” with Reggae music.

“Kuchoko” is Blakk Rasta’s new creation of African Reggae; it’s regular Jamaican Reggae music blended powerfully with indigenous African sounds and dances.

Blakk Rasta on Monday 1st May 2017,officially launched his eighth album titled ‘Kuchoko Revulotion at the Hotel Grand Casamora at East Legon in Accra.‘Kuchoko Revolution’is under the distribution of international record label – VP Records.

Apparently, Blakk Rasta is the first Ghanaian reggae artist is to be signed on VP Records, the same label that has produced lots of winners for the ‘Best Reggae’ category at the Grammys.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Razzonline.com with regards to how he perceives Blakk Rasta’s creation of “Kuchoko’,the legendary ‘Aba’ hitmaker ;Ekow Micah delineated disdainfully that,Blakk Rasta is only deceiving the public, thus there is nothing like “Kuchoko’ in reggae music.

“Blakk Rasta says what “Kuchoko”?No! No!!..this is what i have been saying everyday about the media that we have a media which is not relevant because they don’t research…What is ‘Kuchoko in reggae?If he is doing his own thing he can do it but he should distant it from reggae…when Bob Marley,Peter Torch were building reggae where was he Blakk Rasta?…when did he started doing music? He should stop misleading the public…If he is doing his own thing he should tell the public he is doing his own thing but there is nothing like ‘Kuchoko’in reggae”,Ekow Micah angrily opined to Razzonline.com