Ghana Rugby kit arrives ahead of Rugby Africa Regional Challenge Tournament

The brand new kit flown in from both South Africa and the UK for the Ghana Rugby national team, the Ghana Eagles, has landed in Accra a few days short of the kickoff of the first match against Benin at the Accra Sports Stadium on Sunday 30 April at 3:00pm.

The production of the kit was necessitated to equip the national Rugby team for their encounters in the Rugby Africa Regional Challenge Tournament.

The President of Ghana Rugby, Herbert Mensah, presented the kit to the Ghana Eagles while addressing the team about their upcoming challenges.

In his motivational address, he reminded the Eagles to live the Rugby value of teamwork as well as the other values of integrity, passion, discipline and respect both on- and off the field.

Mensah said that, the team could only succeed if they are united whether they are in their camp or whether they are on the pitch training or playing.

“Your mission and sole objective are to win your matches. In the process, you should remember that a great great player is not always the one who has the ball, but the one who supports the one with the ball,” Mensah said.

Herbert Mensah also said that, they must never forget that when they get back to their communities, they will be seen as national heroes, and that they must be able to go back and be respected and honoured.

The kit and equipment that was flown in from South Africa and the UK consisted of team kit (jerseys, pants, and socks) as well as training equipment such as tackling bags, tackling shield and cones. Ghana Rugby also had to acquire the trophies and medals for the tournament participants.

The tournament consists of three matches on Sunday 30th April with Benin vs. Ghana, followed by a midweek match on Wednesday 3rd May (Benin vs. Togo) and the final encounter Sunday 7th May: Ghana vs. Togo.

In another development, Accra Brewery Limited with its CLUB Lager brand, has joined hands with Ghana by announcing that they will put up a beer tent during the three matches. Some of the sales will be hundred percent subsidized by ABL, while Ghana Rugby will also earn money through additional sales.

The Golden Tulip Accra, also joined the Ghana Rugby family with a very generous contribution of free accommodation and meals for the VIPs of the Ghana Rugby  Union.

Mr. Mensah said that the contributions by corporate bodies such as the Gino brands, Interplast, the Golden Tulip Accra, CLUB Lager, AMS, eVerpure, and others, must be applauded in the light of the total and absolute failure of the Ghana Government and other sporting bodies to support such an important international event.

Source: Ghana Rugby