Information Ministry Endorses Local Magazine

Mustapha Hamid, Minister of Information

The Ministry of Information has granted authorization to the Corporate Guardian, a local business and investment magazine to publish the Ghana Business Guide 2017 edition.

It is being prepared in partnership with government staff.
The publication is in line with the president’s promise of providing transformational and accelerated economic and social progress which entails growth, diversification and job creation that is anchored on the private sector which must attract unprecedented inflows of investment.

The publication will be distributed to all the foreign embassies in Ghana, all the Ghanaian embassies in the world and foreign trade missions to the country, as well as Ghana trade missions outside the country.
It is a comprehensive compendium of the incentives available under the existing laws of Ghana to investors.

It describes the special incentives for various sectors power, telecommunications, solid minerals, oil and gas, agriculture and manufacturing.

It also describes the provisions for Free Trade/Export Processing Zones.

A section of the Guide deals with the laws and regulations which define the context under which existing and newly formed companies have to operate in addition to corporate governance matters.

Commenting on the need for the Business Guide, Executive Publisher, Oscar Ugoh, a seasoned media practitioner, said it is a reliable compass for investors, as it will greatly assist the many individuals and institutions wishing to participate profitably in one of the world’s most attractive emerging markets.
Currently, the Ghanaian economy remains one of the most attractive in the world. This is so because of its vast areas of arable land, oil and gas, solid minerals (including iron ore), renewable energy, limestone, gemstones etc, and a relatively young population

The publication is expected to be distributed to the guests that will grace Ghana’s 57th Republic Day anniversary on July 01 2017.

Thereafter copies will be distributed to all embassies and foreign embassies in Ghana. Copies would also be made available to GIPC in order to assist their drive for investors, as well as other distribution outlets.

The second edition will focus on the investment opportunities in all the districts.

A business desk report