NIC Staff Deny Chasing Commissioner

Lydia Lariba Bawa

Staff of the National Insurance Commission (NIC) have denied chasing the Insurance Commissioner Lydia Lariba Bawa as reported by some media establishments recently.

They pointed out in a statement that at no time did such a thing happen, stressing that they did not also petition the President regarding the Commissioner’s performance.

Their relationship with the lady, they said, has been fruitful and cordial since she assumed headship of the Commission.

The workers acknowledged the gains chalked during her stewardship, some of which have been the No Premium No Cover Policy and its accompanying benefits such as the energizing and sustainable flow of funds to the insurance industry.

The introduction of the Claims Payment Guidelines during her tenure has also ensured prompt and speedy payment of interests of insurance to third party claimants.

The measures she has put in place to ensure the flight of capital in the insurance industry is worth mentioning, they stated.