Omari Kissi releases new single for Easter

Fast rising Gospel Vocalist, Omari Kissi Jnr has released his second single for 2017, MOGYA.

The track, which was drawn from Omari’s  all time favorite melody from South Africa, was redone in the Twi and laced with another piece he drew inspiration from.

‘Mogya’ , to wit ‘Blood’ emphasizes the worth of Jesus’ blood to salvation.

Omari in 2016 released his first single Give Thanks which gained a lot of traction especially within the Christian community.


Omari , who believes the new single will be a blessing said: “ “My new single MOGYA is a worshipful offering emphasizing the worth of Jesus’ blood to our salvation. I want people to be reminded of Jesus’ work on the cross and tap into the powerful blood to receive their healing and salvation. ”

“…Indeed the journey to this point has not been easy at all and I have major respect for artists who churn out albums,” he added.

By: Marian Ansah/