Advocacy for passage of Social Enterprise Policy intensifies

Social Enterprise Ghana is calling on authorities to pay attention to a draft social enterprise policy meant to support the industry.

Organisations which are less keen on making profits despite social work initiatives are in a fix on how to register their organisations.

Currently, such institutions can register their organisation either only as non-governmental organisations or a limited liability companies. 

Executive Director of African Collegiate Entrepreneurs, Franklin Owusu-Karikari, tells Luv Biz the present situation is a disincentive.

“They are social in nature but they make profit but there is nothing in the system for them to fit in. We don’t have room for people who do social work so all of them have to register as NGOs”, he said.

Though Social Enterprise Ghana drafted a social enterprise policy developed to address all these bottlenecks that are affecting industries, only a little response has been received.

The group is, however, hoping the Trade Ministry will take a look at it and work on it.

Mr. Owusu-Karikari believes when passed the law will create an enabling environment for businesses to thrive.

Meanwhile, an advocacy group, Ghana Young Entrepreneurs, joins the campaign to extend the policy to cover local youth entrepreneurship.

Its mandate is to using advocacy to impact on policy for youth entrepreneurship.

Chief Executive, Sheriff Ghali, is positive a national working document is required to engage youth into entrepreneurship.

 “We are currently moving something with commonwealth alliance of young entrepreneurs.

Ghana should have a clear-cut policy, working ones that will give us a road-map into helping Youth entrepreneurs in Ghana, which we are currency happening”, he believes.

The advocates spoke at the launch of the Ashanti Regional chapter of Ghana Young Entrepreneurs in Kumasi.

It formed part of the first YOUTH ENTREPRENEURSHIP conference.