Fatau Dauda’s club Enyimba attacked in Nigeria

Ghana international, Fatau Dauda’s club side, Enyimba FC of Nigeria were attacked on Sunday at the Karkanda Stadium in Katsina.

Dauda was accused of punching a ball boy in the face, who had to be rushed to the hospital during play in a game which finally ended 1-1.

The Black Stars goalkeeper’s act provoked the home fans who  tried to attack Dauda in retaliation, so had to be escorted by policemen from the pitch soon after the match.

The crowd then attacked the Enyimba team, destroying their bus, and injuring some of the players and officials.

However, Dauda denied he punched the boy, insisting that he was being targeted because he was a foreigner.

He added that the referee had to send the ball boy away from the game because of time wasting.

He said, “The said ball boy was finally sent out by the referee. So if I had punched the boy, I should have been shown a card. I don’t know where these lies are coming from.”