Throwback: ‘Nico & Sakina’ song from ‘Matters of the Heart’ movie

In 1993, the movie ‘Matters of the Heart’ took Ghanaian cinema by storm.

The love movie, produced by Great Idikoko Ventures, which had Sekina and Nico as main characters, grabbed nationwide attention for its cinematography excellence.

The movie starred Grace Omaboe, Augustine Abbey (Idikoko), Grace Nortey, Enoch Botchway, Mac Jordan Amartey, Adwoa Smart, Shiela Nortey, Sarah Boison and a host of others.

One thing that made the song popular was the sound track, ‘Nico & Sakina’. It became the love anthem and was constantly on the lips of many.

On ‘Throwback Thursday’, brings to you a video that will definitely bring back memories.

Watch the video below: