Can we stay here a little longer? The Citi FM Heritage Caravan Story [Article]

Once again, Citi FM has shown that is it possible. Having clocked seven days of touring the country with nearly a hundred out-going Ghanaians and other citizens, Citi FM has once again shown that it is possible.

It is possible to instill the culture of leisure travel among our people. It is possible to have fun while learning about this nature-blessed nation of ours. It is possible to meet diverse Ghanaians of different cultures and still yearn for more.


For the records, around this same time last year, the Adabraka based FM station organized a similar road safari much to the pleasure of patrons (and the envy of some observers). This year, CITI FM used a different route and a different set of attractions across eight regions.


At the end, participants, some of whom were part of the first tour, still felt the travel holiday was too brief.  And for Yours Truly, it was such an honour to serve as a resource person for the tour of Ghana.


The above story title is inspired by biblical scripture. The Transfiguration. As narrated in Luke 9:28-36 Jesus took Peter, James and John to the top of a mountain to pray. The three disciples fell asleep. When they awoke, they were astounded to see Jesus talking with Moses and Elijah. It was like nothing they had ever seen before. Peter, obviously mesmerized by the spectacle suggested the building of three shelters, one for Jesus, one for Moses and one for Elijah. So a return to the site could become possible.


For many participants of this year’s Heritage Caravan that was the feeling each time we had to leave a destination. Be it at the Mole National Park, the Military Museum in Kumasi or the Slave Memorial at Assin Manso, there was so much to see and learn!


Perhaps starting off with the tour of Old Accra was the eye-opener for many. Yes, they had seen these places many times yet they had no idea the history and the stories under and behind these structures. And what practically blew everyone away was the bird’s eye view of the city from the 112 ft high light house, at James Town.

Later in the evening, Kumasi, the Ashanti Regional capital welcomed the travel party with a night of music and Karaoke at the majestic Anita hotel. Further north in Tamale, Modern City Hotel provided a great base for participants. One can however not forget the grace and generosity of the Northern Regional Minister, Salifu Saeed. He hosted the travel-weary group to a welcome cocktail event. Truly, never have I encountered the offer of such succulently grilled guinea fowl. And oh, the taste!

Another wonderful happening of the second night was the dance fiesta in the courtyard of The Chief of Tamale (Naa Dakpema). If the exhilarating dance was going to leave an everlasting impression, a side attraction event took the night to different dimensions.


The tour participants were both awed and delighted by the installation of CITI FM’s CEO Samuel Atta Mensah (Samens) as a divisional Chief of the area. Under the starry savannah skies and before our own eyes that evening, the media chief was ‘en-fugu-ed’ and enskinned as Mazali Naa  (Development Chief) of Tamale.

Next morning the travel team raveled further north to the border town of Paga. The exciting encounter with crocodiles by team members is a story on its own. Importantly, management of CITI FM mounted a signage at the pond.


The next day, the travellers descended on Mole Park with the eagerness to conquer the sights of the jungle. And soon enough they faced off with elephants. At Mole, the kobs, deers and bush bucks were also not lacking in the backing.


On the South-bound trip, Eusbett Hotel, Sunyani provided a cozy base for the group. Folks felt so much at home, that a movie night was organized and thoroughly enjoyed.


Talking of hotel bases, Busua Beach in the Western Region was kind and hospitable to everyone. It was from here that the team traveled to Nzulenzo to enjoy the river safari. The beachfront here also served as the performance stage on the bonfire night. The hotel’s nightclub was the perfect cover for the final night’s masked club party.

You should see our distinguished domestic tourists doing their own thing- under cover. And during our entire stay, the Busua beach front was available for the pleasure of all. Participants were either strolling on the sands or lazying near the waves.

No wonder when it was time to leave on Saturday afternoon, folks were like ‘Can we stay here much longer?’

To be continued next week

By: Kofi Akpabli ([email protected])