Police Band Hosts US Navy Band

Some of the US Navy band rehearsing with their Ghanaian counterparts

The Police Central Band, as part of the centenary celebration, has held a workshop for 170 bandsmen in Accra in collaboration with the US Navy Band.

The workshop, according to Superintendent Dr Frank Hukporti, the Director in-charge of the Ghana Police Band, is to enhance the skills of personnel and prepare them adequately for the centenary celebration.

He said during the workshop, the personnel were taken through various exercises including breathing techniques, mouthpiece positioning, fingering techniques, as well as various instruments.

Dr Hukporti stated that police band personnel, who were taught by the members of the US Navy Band, were able to play guitars and brass instruments at the end of the workshop.

“Personnel were able to demonstrate their skills with confidence and style while others also discovered their hidden innate talents.”

The 18-member delegation from the United States Navy Band, led by Lieutenant Commander Whyte, was also taught how to play some African pieces.

“While we learnt something new from the US Navy Band, they were also taught some of our African Pieces,” he director asserted.

Bands men from other sister security services, including the Ghana Immigration Service, Ghana National Fire Service, Ghana Prisons Service and Customs, were also given the opportunity to take part in the workshop.

The Ghana Police Band intends to host the Golden Lemon Orchestra from Germany in the third quarter of the year before the centenary celebration.

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By Linda Tenyah-Ayettey