Kofi Nti Dies In Church

Kofi Nti

A Ghanaian coach named Kofi Nti died in church on Sunday in the United States.

Nti collapsed and died Sunday morning at church, according to friends.

The cause of his death has not yet been determined.

The day before his death, Nti was seen with friends and fans at Saturday’s home opener for the Richmond Kickers.

A native of Ghana, Nti served as Community Director with the Richmond Kickers Youth Soccer Club.

In that role, he helped oversee hundreds of young soccer players who took part in the Kickers recreational programs.

“We encourage you to talk to your children about this loss and ask that you let us know if we can be helpful to you or your child,” Richmond Kickers Youth Soccer Club president Rob Ukrop said in a letter to Kicker families.

Before going to Virginia, Nti led the University of Ghana soccer team to win the University League in 1999.

With no immediate family in Virginia, friends are working to raise money so his body can be transported back to Ghana.

“Coach is too simple a word to use when referring to Kofi because he was so much more, a mentor, friend, and confidant who truly loved what he did and his passion was such a positive influence on so many young and old lives alike,” a message on a Go Fund Me fundraising page said.

“Kofi truly cared so deeply about every child he has ever coached – he treated each and every one as if they were his own.”

“He listened, encouraged, developed, supported and challenged without judgement, he was one of a kind; that is why his name is and always will be spoken with great admiration and respect. He left an imprint on all who have had to privilege to call him coach.”