Gov’t told halt encroachment on Pantang hospital lands

Some concerned workers of the Pantang Hospital together with residents in the area have issued a two-week ultimatum to government, to halt the encroachment of the hospital’s land or they will hit the streets.

The members of the group, who accused various institutions including the La-Nkwantanang Municipal Assembly of neglect, described the takeover of the hospital’s land as alarming.

Speaking to Citi News, the Convener of the Concerned Group of Pantang, Nana Boamah said it was necessary for immediate action to be taken to protect the lands.

“Last year we began this agitation to have the hospital reclaim its lands because some individuals claim they bought the land from some family members whilst others claim they have a judgment on the land. But what we know is that in 2006 and we have documents to that effect.”

“Professor Badu Akosa wrote to the Lands Commission and they came with a response demarcating the limits and size of the Pantang land but the parts of the lands which were earmarked also finds itself being encroached on. So in the next two weeks if the stakeholders including the Ministry and the Assembly don’t come in to stop this thing then we have to pour out on the street in a massive way.  Even if it means getting the patients involved, we will do that.”

Some angry staff and residents who also spoke to Citi News said, the building of homes on the land will not only undermine the security of Ghana’s second largest psychiatric hospital but will also endanger the lives of the new owners.

“It doesn’t make sense for government to buy a land and give part of it to private individuals. But if government has, then they need to take it back. These new buildings are going to block the vantage point of the hospital what do we do in emergency cases. With the new structures too, there will be so many new entrances into the hospital, how do we protect the inmates and these people,” an agitated staff added.

The residents called on the President, Akufo-Addo to as a matter of urgency come to the aid of the Hospital before more lands are taken.

“The lands have all been sold; even the churches have bought some. They have blocked all the pathways and have been making our lives miserable. We are not allowed to move freely anymore. We are pleading with the president, if these lands really belong to the state then government has to take it back.”

By: Felicia Osei/