Dzita residents petition Keta police over serial murders

Residents of Dzita on Tuesday hit the streets in protest over what they say is the string of serial killings in the area.

The residents say they can no longer bear the agony and fear that come with the killings and called for increased police protection.

In a period four years, over ten people have been killed in a rather bizarre manner, the residents claim.

The residents have become even more apprehensive following their failure to trace the whereabouts of a 49-year-old carpenter who is still missing since March 20, 2017.

They have therefore presented a petition to the police at Keta to investigate the matter.

The Keta District Commander of Police, Jordan Quare in receiving the petition promised to take action on the matter.

Providing details of the petition during the demonstration, the residents say the bodies of the deceased persons are normally disposed off at obscure places and are mostly without vital parts.

They find the situation worrying and alarming.

Some of the residents told Joy News they are beginning to lose hope in the police because they haven’t made any headway at all in arresting the perpetrator(s).

“We are tired of the killings and we need an urgent action to be taken to avoid more lives being lost,” a resident lamented.

According to the residents the murders occurred between 2013 and 2017 which means in every six months, one life  is lost.

The assemblyman for the area , Bras Dedzo said they are working on recruiting some young men for a vigilante group in the area to help investigate the killings.

He has asked authorities to take the issue serious and do something about it.