‘Majority Of Ministers Took Mahama To A Shrine’

Former President John Mahama

The reasons for the defeat of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) is now descending it bizarre levels following allegations that majority of government appointees took former President Mahama to a shrine.

The motive for this move, NDC serial caller Alhassan Bawsa revealed is for them to remain in the good books of the President.

The grassroot supporter who is also the Deputy Communications Director of the NDC in the Tema East constituency revealed this on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen programme Friday.

Citing former Finance Minister, Seth Terkper and former Foreign Minister, Hanna Serwaa Tetteh for mention, the livid NDC man said they remained the apple of John Mahama’s eye due to what they did to him [Mahama] spiritually.

“Just imagine, we want to fight HIV/AIDS and Seth Terkper increased tax on condoms. We called for his sack but nothing happened. Hanna Tetteh who was a Cabinet Minister for eight years could not retain his seat” he stated.

“Majority of minister sent former President Mahama to juju to catch his eye so the President was in darkness, he didn’t know what he was doing” he bemoaned.

Alhassan Bawsa maintained that, Mr. Mahama cannot be blamed for the defeat because he did everything humanly possible to ensure NDC retained power.

“President Mahama cannot be blamed; he is clean but his appointees and party executives caused our defeat” he stressed.

He wondered why party executives especially Kofi Adams who was the Campaign Coordinator and the National Organizer will squander campaign cash and people turn around to blame the former President.

Alhassan Bawsa vowed to ensure all these executives are voted out of the office to enable them restructure the NDC for victory in 2020.

“I pray five times a day and I know President Mahama has now realized his appointees let him down” he added.