5 women charity clubs to walk for money

Five women charity clubs are jointly organising a walk dubbed United For Charity.

The walk slated for Saturday 25th March 22, 2017 will begin at Labadi beach hotel at 5:30am.

The objective of the walk is to raise funds for various projects the clubs have been executing.

It is the first of such walk to be organised jointly by the different Charity groups which are Children’s heart foundation, Ghana International Women’s Club, Indian Women Association, Infant Malaria and North American Women’s Association.

The groups have over the years stayed committed to improving the lives of women, children across Ghana.

Some of the projects they have been undertaking include, lifesaving open heart surgery, prevention of malaria, providing free screening and treatment for breast cancer, to community projects such as boreholes, schools and shelters.

The five charity clubs are however calling on individuals and corporate organization to join them walk an extra mile to raise funds.