Bawku NPP Youth Counter Colleagues

Twenty New Patriotic Party (NPP) youth in the Bawku constituency have appended their signature to a counter-claim against their colleagues who had held a press conference to express displeasure at the President’s recent appointments.

While agreeing that “it would be a source of pride to have a constituency member on the ministerial list we should know that political appointments do not end with ministerial positions,” they said.

With the appointment of Alhaji Sulemana Yirimia the highest position of the membership of the Council of State, they pointed out, it would not be true to state, as their colleagues did, that the constituency has been marginalized.

“We stand to be corrected but it is the highest political appointment ever clinched by a native of Bawku within the NPP political family for which we are thankful to the President” they said.

Continuing they said “we are confident the NPP in Bawku Constituency will see further political appointments in the coming days, under the leadership of His Excellency. The President is not oblivious to the vast contributions of the party faithful in the constituency and we are confident that their efforts will be rewarded accordingly.”

On the issue of the Municipal Chief Executive appointment, “we say, it is surprising to resort to a selfish demand on the part of that section of the NPP Youth by suggesting to the President names of two persons for consideration just because that is what they desire.”

The five remaining applicants vetted at the flag staff house for the position of the Bawku “MCEship” include, the Constituency Secretary, the Regional Research Officer, two constituency finance committee members and a coordinator for the North Natinga electoral area, they pointed out.

It is mind boggling, if not selfish, they said “to suggest that the Constituency Secretary, the Regional Research Officer and a Finance Committee member have done nothing worthy of consideration to such position of an MCE, yet only a coordinator for an electoral area and a finance committee member have done everything to deserve same.”

The popular position of the majority of the NPP youth on this issue of ‘MCEship’ they said “all the five applicants are loyal and hard working members of the party. They have all contributed to the victory of the party in diverse ways as their verifiable individual political CV’s presented to the vetting committee would bear them out.”

Though it is an opinion to which they are entitled, making it look like it is a general concern of all NPP youth of the constituency is unbecoming,  they added.

Those who signed the counter-position are Abdulai Muntaka, Halifa Whiteman As-Saadiq, Abdul-Basid Khomeini, Liza Abagrey, Zibrim Don Zurka, Ahmed Dan Sarki, Alhassan Sumani Junior and Namanga Mushiri.

Others are Amandi Blakk Cat Sadat, Yirimea Alim, Aqeelu Ibn Murtala, Musah Ranking Member,Abdul-Aziz Raaja and Sasco Awal.

The rest are Ras Mubaraq, Imoro Bunyamin, Malam Habib, Mualim Liva-ulhaq, Awudu Gumah and Mualim Abdul-Razak