5 Signs He’s Totally In Love With You Even If He Hasn’t Said It Yet

When you’re dating someone wonderful and you’re in a constant state of being minutes away from dropping the L-bomb, it can be super-stressful trying to figure out whether he’ll say it back. Even if he hasn’t used the word ‘love’ yet, you can easily discern how he feels from how he treats you. Here are the five ways to tell if he loves you back.

You can see it in his smile: You know the smile – you see it at the strangest moments, like when you’re sitting together on the couch shoving popcorn down your throat and watching series. You notice it when he has absolutely no reason to smile. It’s almost like he can’t keep it off his face when he’s around you.

He’s protective of you and your feelings: If he defends you, takes your side in arguments and never hurts you, it’s a sure sign that you mean a lot to him. Like, a lot. ?

He’s always lending you a helping hand: Even if you don’t need it, a guy who’s totally in love will always try to make your life easier through small acts of kindness. Whether it’s doing a chore you hate (simply because he knows you hate it) or helping you prepare for that major interview, he’s constantly finding small, sweet ways to help a sister out.

He finds little ways to make your day: He’ll sit through that movie you know he hates without so much as a single eye-roll, or pick up the takeaways he knows you love on his way from work. Sure, they’re not grand romantic gestures, but they’re signs that you’re on his mind and he wants to make you happy.

He has no problem with open and honest communication: If he can sense you’re upset, he’s not the type of guy to wait it out – he wants to know what’s wrong immediately, because he wants to be able to fix it. He cares far too much about you just to let things slide.

Source: Cosmopolitan SA

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