Guys; 6 Things She Wish You Knew About Orgasms

God bless the female climax, simultaneously one of life’s greatest pleasures and mysteries. Yet much like in the boardroom or the game room, a lot of dudes have an inflated sense of confidence in the bedroom—especially around the topic of that oh-so-sacred lady O.

So we’d like to school the penises in our lives on the ways they might be missing the mark, when it comes to hitting our mark

Sometimes, our ‘gasms can range from mini sparklers to mind-blowing fireworks. Trust us, both are hot. Don’t stress if it’s not a Fourth of July celebration every single time we bump uglies.

You may think you’re blowing our minds with a simple hoist of your phalanges, but sometimes your finger(s) feels like nothing more than…well, a finger. Don’t expect big results with zero strategy. Learn how to use every tool in your shed before busting it out!

Just because we climaxed from that double-axel tongue twist you did on Thursday, it doesn’t automatically mean we’re gonna do so on Sunday. It’s no reflection on your oral consistency and showmanship—climaxs can be fickle.

If you don’t know by now that a gal needs substantial foreplay before you penetrate her, you don’t deserve to be having s*x. There are exceptions—sometimes in a pinch (or in a public bathroom stall), you gotta get straight to the main event—but otherwise, please always remember a proper warm-up is crucial to preventing injuries a during a full-body workout.

So you gave it your best shot/thrust/lick/suck/touch (you get it) and we still didn’t reach our peak. It doesn’t mean you aren’t sexy as hell. Sometimes we really do just enjoy the journey (vigorously humping) even if we never get to the intended destination (O-town).

Sometimes you’re too busy high-fiving yourself in the bathroom mirror to even realize that despite our heavy panting, we didn’t cross the finish line.

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