Cute And Adorable Names Lovers Call Themselves

So you want for your lover a pet name so cute and adorable? And you don’t want to call him/her what everybody seems to be calling theirs, right?

In the course of my adventures, I have heard people call their lovers pet names so sweet and adorable. Names that if only they were called not out of cheer habit, but out of sincerity and passion, their relationship would have evolve into something bright and beautiful.

For instance, a husband calls his wife: “Sweetheart.” And the Sweetheart in return calls her husband- “Honey.” Yet no three days passes without quarrelling and combos.  Everyone on the side of the husband deems the wife a “troublesome woman” as a result of the endless complaints coming from the man. And the story is not different either, on the side of the wife.

On the contrary, the beauty of a pet name becomes a revelation when a pet name is genuinely used; meaning, if the person that is being called is actually to the one calling- what the name truly implies.

Indeed, the name then spices up the mouth with sweetness upon calling, and with grace it proceeds… An organic mixture of sweetness and grace then wells up in the soul of the one being called. Now tell me, how can a relationship like this be void of brightness and beauty?

Specifically, a pet name shouldn’t be a thing to be copied. It should rather be a verbal manifestation. Please do not get me wrong; it is okay to use a pet name that you fancy another using, especially if your spouse is to you what that pet name implies. But using it for the sake of convention does not vibrate with romance at all.

Why the use of pet names?

Apart from the fact that pet names adds flavour and scent to the romance life of lovers, it also reveals to the world- what lovers means to eachother. It is an expression of trueness. A declaration of gratitude.

For the most part, a pet name evokes all these when it is born from within. However, But it becomes a rhythm characterized by dumbness when routine leaves it with the tongue.

Common pet names in Nigeria

My Prince: This is what a Nigerian girl calls her lover when she sees in him what most girls desire to see in a man.

My Love: You hear the real pronunciation of these words when a Nigerian falls in Love.

Boo bae: That special someone before anyone else.

Sweetie: When he/she is the source of that cake like feeling.

Obim: This name is unique to Ibo lovers. It simply means my heart.

Other common Nigerian pet names includes: Darling, Boo Boo, Sugar Crush, Boo, and Heart Rob.

In addition, you can  pick from the below list if you desire to tell the world what your partner means to you.

List of pet names

  1. Sweetheart
  2. My love
  3. Lover
  4. Pumpkin
  5. Baby
  6. Darling
  7. Sweetie Pie
  8. Angel
  9. Beloved
  10. Dear
  11. Dearest
  12. Deary
  13. Flame
  14. Heart’s Desire
  15. Honey Bun
  16. Honey bunch
  17. Lamb
  18. Pearl
  19. Pet
  20. Precious
  21. Princess
  22. Prince
  23. My Sweet
  24. Obim
  25. Sugar
  26. Treasure
  27. True Love
  28. Beautiful
  29. Saint
  30. Light of my Life
  31. Angel Face
  32. Babe
  33. Buttercup
  34. Button
  35. Cherub
  36. Little Angel
  37. Little Darling
  38. Prize
  39. Doll Face
  40. My Idol
  41. My Everything
  42. My Life
  43. True Love
  44. One and Only
  45. Inamorata
  46. Inamorato
  47. My Passion
  48. Valentine
  49. Dove
  50. Babycake
  51. Dreamboat
  52. Heartthrob
  53. Love-bird
  54. Lady Love
  55. Patootie
  56. Hottie
  57. Lothario
  58. Hero
  59. Venus
  60. Goddess

In conclusion, I would want you to bear in mind that you can create for yourself a beautiful pet name to call  your lover. A pet name that reflects his/her romance life. But should it be that you lack the imaginative prowess to create one for yourself, then its okay to pick from the above list.

Source: Pulse

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