Film producer curses ‘thief’ | Entertainment 2017-03-15

Entertainment of Wednesday, 15 March 2017



FIPAG, Michael Kwaku Ola1Michael Kwaku Ola

Former Public Relations Officer of Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG), Michael Kwaku Ola has hurled curses at one Daakyehene Nana Osei for illegally uploading films by some producers on his Facebook timeline.

Checks by revealed that Daakyehene had uploaded close to forty (40) local movies.

Ola who was unhappy about the ‘criminal’ act, fumed with rage and cursed the dude.

“This is one of the armed robbers of the creative industry. They arm themselves with data and steal our works and give them out for free in return for following. May thieves steal from you and your families and your followers, just as you are doing to the poor producers of the films you show for free. May you go through painful regrets and loss like the producers you are stealing from,” he posted this together with Daakyehene’s picture on Facebook.

Meanwhile, film producer, Nana Owusu of Nana Wusu Productions has warned he would take actions to serve as deterrent to others.

He has alleged that he once confronted Daakyehene but the response was in bad taste.

“That guy told me, I should report him to Nana Addo. I will never ever forgive him. He will surely pay for it. We will use him as example for others to see,” his comments on the post read.