My 7-year-old marriage is still going strong – Kafui Danku

Entertainment of Monday, 13 March 2017



KafuidankukukuKafui Danku

Kafui Danku and her Canadian husband, Kojo Pitcher, are as strong as ever despite negative comments, the actress has revealed.

The film producer, who has been married to her husband for seven years, stated on The Delay Show that regardless of the comments about the age gap between she and Pitcher, it has not and will not affect their union.

“To me, age doesn’t matter. We have seen younger marriages …the ones we thought will grow older together, where are they now..we don’t see them going together…we are seven years and we are still standing strong,” Kafui said.

However, she said the perception that she married her husband because of his wealth and skin colour was untrue.

Kafui claimed she looked beyond that adding that her main focus was the qualities she looked out for in a man which he possesses.

“I have hustled before and I was handling my own business before I met my husband. I’m an easy going person and I believe whatever is meant to come to me will come to me.”