Marwako committed to investigations; takes steps to avoid employee maltreatment

The management of fast food company Marwako says it has taken extra steps to ensure cases of assault of workers by managers or supervisors will not happen.

In a statement signed by the CEO Alhaji Marwan Mohammed, the company also indicated it is willing to assist the victim of what has become the Marwako assault scandal.

Evelyn Boakye had her face dipped into pepper sauce by her supervisor, Jihad Chaaban accusing her of being to slow in attending to the customers.

The incident has widely been condemned with some critics beginning a campaign to have customers boycott the fast food joint.

Marwako says it has suspended the supervisor, who is said to be the brother-in-law of the owner of the company, and will assist in any investigations conducted by the police and the Employment Ministry in the matter.

The following is the full statement by the company;


The Management of MARWAKO FAST FOOD LIMITED appreciates state officials and MP for our Abelenkpe branch area for their visit this afternoon. We wish, especially, to assure the Honourable Gender Minister as well as the Employment Minister that we will continue to give our fullest cooperation to the police and officers of the labour ministry tasked to also investigate the unfortunate incident at our Abelenkpe branch on the night of the 26th of February 2017.

The two are both our workers, except that Jihad is on suspension and in police custody pending his appearance in court, while Evelyn was granted leave to allow her sufficient time for proper care while assisting police and all other processes in dealing with this matter. Despite the fact that she, understandably, will not answer phone calls, allow delivery of letters to her, or a chance for us to extend the needed support, we assure once again that we are willing and ready to assist in anyway.

We wish to assure our cherished customers and all that we are taking extra steps to ensure incidences such as happened are completely avoided among staff as well as management.


Alhaji Marwan Mohammed

CEO – Marwako Fast Food