Musical Wogbejeke comes off soon – Chief Moomen

Entertainment of Monday, 6 March 2017

Source: GhanaWeb


Abdul Moomenplay videoChief Moomen, Writer/Producer of Wogbejeke Production

Poet and spoken word artiste who couples as the writer and producer of Wogbejeke, Chief Abdul Moomen has hinted that his outfit is on course to releasing the musical version of the production.

This he said would enable all and sundry, especially Ghanaians across the globe to learn about the history and transition of music enjoyed by the indigenes over the years.

Wogbejeke seeks to depict from whence the people who call it home came to settle in the piece of land now known as Ghana and to illustrate the various relationships, and to a fair extent the tensions that prevailed between the settlers while highlighting their cultures, traditions and everything that made them who they were.

This year’s production however incorporated famous songs which were enjoyed by Ghanaians during the pre-independence era and the post-independence era right through to music relished in modern times.

“We are going to do the music history. We’re going to have the musical Wogbejeke which concentrates on the music. So what we’re doing with this production is to give you a feel of various moments…..” Chief Moomen noted

He was speaking on the sidelines of the 2017 Wogbejeke stage performance at the Accra International Conference Centre on Friday.