Gloria Ampofo releases song for Ghana @ 60

GLORIA AMPOFOVeteran gospel musician Gloria Ampofo

Veteran gospel musician Gloria Ampofo has released a new single titled ‘Ghana @ 60’ to celebrate this year’s Ghana’s independence day celebration.

As a well-arranged, mid-tempo and danceable piece, one cannot help but to move or shake the body in an attempt to dance to the tune.

In the song, the musician urges Ghanaians to come together and work as a team to move the country forward.

She also advises Ghanaians to desist from acts that seek to undermine the progress of the country.

The song also educates Ghanaians on values that could help them in their day-to-day activities.

Hint of the new single was first received early this year when the musician revealed in a chat with BEATWAVES about a recording session that was ongoing for her ‘Ghana @60’ single.

Gloria Ampofo told BEATWAVES, “The song is very dear to me because the idea is to be able to raise the spirit of Ghanaians up every time they hear the song.”